1. Diesel to CNG (CNG Heavy vehicle)

    Diesel to CNG (CNG Heavy vehicle)

    Eco Fuel System is the leading solution provider for convertion of Diesel vehicle to natural gas.

    Diesel engines converted to natural gas generally require added components as well as some mechanical changes to the engine. Basically the diesel engine undergoes a complete rebuilt and is in the process transformed from a diesel engine to a gas engine.

    Conversion Steps

    1. Disassemble engine.
    2. Checking components and replace as necessary.
    3. Modify pistons for gas use.
    4. Modify cylinder head for spark plugs.
    5. Reassemble engine.
    6. Install throttle body, ignition system, gas mixer.
    7. Tuning of the engine (fuel and ignition).
  2. Liquified Petroleum Gas

    Liquified Petroleum Gas

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or AUTOGAS is a by-product of crude oil and chemically a mixture of Propone & Butane utilized for high quality energy for motor use. It is a high octane fuel resulting in longer engine life. LPG does not contain lead and is therefore a cleaner fuel leaving no residue. As compared to Gasoline, LPG lowers exhaust pollutants by 70 % hence pushing its way to a healthy environment.


    In the almost a half century of activity, LOVATO has developed skill and technologies that make vehicles fitted with LPG kits perform almost the same as on gasoline. The LOVATO Multivalve allow only 80 % filling of the total tank capacity with excess pressure releasing technology, providing every customer the ideal SAFETY SOLUTION.

    LPG kits for cars are available from carburetor, Euro-II & III to latest generation of Euro-IV cars. LOVATO a one stop solution offers LPG kits for 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, gensets, motor boats etc. LOVATO with ECOFUELSYSTEMS is launching for the first time in the country, NEW LOVATO PHASED SEQUENTIAL INJECTIONSYSTEM "FAST" for both LPG and CNG.


    Lovato offers complete range of LPG Kits suitable for Carburetor Cars, MPFI cars and Three Wheelers. Main components of LPG Kits are:

    1. LPG Vaporiser – Vaporises the gas from Liquid phase thus reducing/stabilising the pressure to the optimum level.
    2. Gas Valve – Electronic Safety Valve with in-built filter controlled by switch.
    3. Multi Valve – A multifunction valve providing four types of safety viz excess flow cut-off, over filling cut-off, pressure relief valve and electronic cut-off.
  3. Compresses Natural Gas

    Compresses Natural Gas

    Essentially consisting of Methane is the cleanest and more economical alternative fuel available to power motor vehicles. Compared to Gasoline, use of CNG brings about 70% reductions in tailpipe emissions of Carbon Monoxide, 50 % in Nitrogen oxide and 90 % in Ozone causing pollutants, hence a preferred automotive fuel world over. CNG is a high octane fuel and does not affect the life of the engine due to its cleaner properties. CNG being lighter than air dissipates into the air very fast. It is a very safe alternative fuel.


    CNG kits help save a phenomenal 65-75 % on fuel costs compared to gasoline with excellent performance and drivability. With the help of a team of technicians, Engineers, designers and testers, the company ensures increasing efficiency in consumption and respect for environment and safety of its customers keeping in mind the high pressure of the gas.

    With use of LOV ECO PRO CNG kit with Timing advancers one can achieve the optimum performance from the car's engine giving unmatched economy and pickup. CNG kit is a dual fuel systems with a very sleek changeover switch for instant change from gasoline to CNG and vice versa.

    Different types of Kits

      • Its equipped with GAS-AIR mixer in addition to
      • High Pressure Reducer – To reduce Gas Pressure from 200 bar to sub-atmoshpheric.
      • Switch with wiring – Allows user to select mode of fuel i.e. either Petrol or CNG and also indicates the level of CNG in tank.
      • Steel Pipe – for the flow of CNG from Tank to Reducer
      • Rubber Hoses – For flow of Gas from Reducer to Engine
      • Gas-Air mixer – To mix CNG with Air in proper Stoichometric Ratio
      • Re-filling Valve – To fill CNG to the storage tank
      • Emulator – Used to cut-off the flow of petrol while driving on CNG.
    2. CNG Sequential Kit
      • Available for 3, 4, 6 & 8 cylinder engines
      • Lovato has developed CNG Sequential Kits – latest technology product that gives performance at par with Petrol cars. Instead of GAS-AIR mixer as used in Conventional Kits, Sequential kit is equipped with GAS Injectors similar to Petrol injectors to inject calculated amount of Gas into the engine. Other Important parts of sequential kits are:
      • Electronic Control Unit – (ECU) – It is the brain of the system that takes feedback from Petrol ECU and calculates the amount of gas to be injected.
      • Gas Filter with P-T Sensor – Filters the impurities from Gas before entering into the engine.
    3. OBD-II Kits
      • It's a highly advanced and reliable technology.
      • It's very user-friendly & intuitive to reduce the time of its calibration.
    4. EXR Blue kits
      • The new system EXR Blue kits represents the essence of Lovato innovation and it has been developed for engines from 2 to 4 cylinders.
      • The compact ECU, the sensor and filter adaptable with any engine and the easy maintenance injectors make this system more and more flexible and Easy-GOing.
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